Daylight DAYLIGHT Lamp With Magnifier
Daylight DAYLIGHT Lamp With Magnifier

DAYLIGHT Lamp With Magnifier

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DAYLIGHT LAMP WITH MAGNIFIER - Provides the ultimate in-home lighting for fly tyers. BRINGS DAYLIGHT INDOORS. The 18-watt NATURAL DAYLIGHT BULB puts out as much light as a traditional 100-watt bulb, BUT WITH NO HEAT & NO GLARE! Replicates natural daylight providing a sharper image with less eye fatigue over a long period of tying PLUS lets you see the materials in their TRUE COLORS, as they appear in natural light. Lamp-head rests atop a 25" Flex-Arm that rotates 360 degrees at the base. The 5" dia. "rimless" 3-diopter magnifier (1.75 x magn) is easy on the eyes, and rests atop a 19" flex-arm. The magnifier is detachable if you don't need it now, but hang on to it, we all need one sooner or later. The 10-1/2 POUND pedestal base provides a more-than-stable foundation. Std. electrcal plug. Best possible lighting for any hobbyist. Additional $10 over our regular shipping charge. Ground shipping only.


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