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DC DODGER 3/0 KIT - We've had lots of calls for a Pole Dancer "kit"... Charlie Bisharat's "POLE DANCER" FLY has become the talk of the industry. It actually mimics the legendary Zara Spook plug with the same walk-the-dog right/left back & forth action. Charlie originally designed the fly for top-water striper fishing, but it's the hottest thing going for redfish, snook, bass, pike, muskie, etc. Nothing can resist the side-to-side struggling motion. The Pole Dancer flies sell for $24 each, we are sold out and the manufacturer is also sold out until late fall. You can now make your own at a fraction of the cost... This DC DODGER KIT has a foam head rather than the injected-molded head of the Pole Dancer, but also mimics the Zara Spook with the same walk-the-dog right/left back & forth action when fished with quick, short strips. This foam head version is actually lighter weight too, making it easier to cast on 7-8 wt rods. The tail section of the fly is tyed on hard tubing (very easy to do and everything you need is included in the kit, no tube-vise required) that attaches and detaches to a soft tube built into the back of the Dodger head. Carrying different colored tail sections allows you to change the coloration of the fly while your fishing! The "tail-section" itself can be fished as a standalone streamer if you like (see Dodger Disks and junction tubing next). Dodger heads have pre-drilled eye-sockets to fit Jumbo 5/16" 3-D Molded Eyes (sold separately, our item TL031). Detailed, step-by-step tying instructions with step-by-step color photos PLUS fishing instructions included. Each kit contains 5-Dodger Heads, Dodger Disk, all necessary tubing, and a tube fly mandrel that can be used in your regular fly tying vise. These are big, wind resistant flies that are best/easiest fished with RIO's Outbound Short Floating Fly Lines (see our Main Catalog page 17, item FG056). SPECIFY: (1)White, (2)Black, (3)Yellow, (4)Lime, (5)Orange, (6)Assortment (1-ea of the five colors)


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