DEWITT 18-Compartment Fly Box
DEWITT 18-Compartment Fly Box

DEWITT 18-Compartment Fly Box

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DEWITT 18-COMPARTMENT FLY BOX (8" x 4 1/4" x 1 1/4")

DEWITT COMPARTMENT FLY BOXES - Super light, clear, tuff box with hand-riveted stainless-steel hinges (I have several over 40-years old... Bob). With its corrugated design, I've never dropped this one in the river (it's easy to hold onto, even with wet/cold hands). Using a very-sharp single edge razor blade you can cut out a compartment "divider" to make compartments larger to accommodate big Buggers or streamers, OR cut a V-Notch in two compartments to lay a small Tweezers in. Great for picking out midge size flies. A favorite large size box.


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