DNA Holo Fusion Fiber
DNA Holo Fusion Fiber

DNA Holo Fusion Fiber

Item #: TU003

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$5.95 $ 5.95
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White $5.95
Dark Olive $5.95
Shrimp $5.95
Sage $5.95
Tan $5.95
Bright Yellow $5.95
Red $5.95
Purple $5.95
Neon Chart $5.95
Polar Bear $5.95
Black $5.95
Pink $5.95
Light Blue $5.95
Sky Blue $5.95
Royal Blue $5.95
Iron Blue $5.95


DNA HOLO FUSION - A mixture of FROSTY FISH FIBER and HOLO CHROMOSOME FLASH that looks fantastic. I'm tying some simple two and three tone saltwater streamers (Clouser style) with this material that couldn't look any fishier if they had gills. Hanks are 8" LONG. COLORS: White, Polar-Bear, Black, Pink, Lt-Blue, Sky-Blue, Royal-Blue, Iron-Blue, Dk-Olive, Shrimp, Sage, Tan, Bright-Yel, Red, Purple, Neon-Chartreuse.


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