feather-craft Drake Mallard (Silver Belly)
feather-craft Drake Mallard (Silver Belly)

Drake Mallard (Silver Belly)

Item #: EW210

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F-C DRAKE MALLARD SILVER BELLY FEATHERS...for tying fan-wing dry fly wings. And if you want to see exactly how to tie a fan-wing in, see it done on page-50 of the March issue of FLY ROD & REEL MAGAZINE, or ask for a pat-sheet from Ed when you order these mallard belly feathers. Beautiful dry fly wings, and a white-wing Adams is easy to see on the water. Plus these are used for the wing case on Zug Bugs, cheeks on streamers and more. Tough feather to come by as they must be hand plucked. And you know who the head plucker is around here. Nice pak


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