Dyed Arctic Fox
Dyed Arctic Fox

Dyed Arctic Fox

Item #: TU009

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White $4.50
Tan $4.50
Black $4.50
Fl Chartreuse $4.50
Fl Yellow $4.50
Fl Fire Orange $4.50
Fl Pink $4.50
Olive Brown $4.50
Yellow $4.50
Shad Gray $4.50
Orange $4.50
Rusty Brown $4.50
Red $4.50
Kingfisher Blue $4.50
Olive $4.50
Purple $4.50


DYED "ARCTIC-FOX" STREAMER-HAIR for the STRING-BEAN streamer by Sarasota, Florida. guide Roy String (941-379-5083). PLUS Bonefish Patterns and our F-C Sand Shrimp "Jr" by Ed Story (item TX003). Will remind you of marabou but without the waste. The base hair is thick and soft w/ long guard hair. Cut the hair close to the skin. Then tye a complete streamer-wing with one clump! COLORS: (1)White(for String-Bean Streamer), (2)Yellow, (3)Orange (tail on F-C Sand-Shrimp Jr), (5)Rusty-Brown(wing on F-C Sand Shrimp Jr), (6)Red, (7)Kingfisher-Blue, (8)Olive, (9)Purple, (10)Tan, (11)Black, (12)Fl-Chartreuse, (14)Fl-Yellow, (15)Fl-Fire-Orange, (16)Fl-Pink, (19a)Brown-Olive, (20)Shad-Gray (NOTE: Sculpin-Olive has been replaced with Brown-Olive and Rusty Brown has been replaced with Brown)


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