Dyna-King DYNA-KING Barracuda Vise
Dyna-King DYNA-KING Barracuda Vise

DYNA-KING Barracuda Vise

Item #: RD007

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C-Clamp $527.95
Pedestal Base $527.95


DYNA-KING "BARRACUDA" FULL-ROTARY VISE: A world-wide favorite. Full-Rotary of course, with ball-bearing smoothness. Rotary-arm operated. Right or left hand. Short Cam-Stroke locking jaws hold the full range of hooks as only a Dyna-King can. Stainless steel and polished brass. Bobbin-cradle included. PLUS: The CENTERING GAUGE clips on the vise-arm when needed. Use it to quickly center the hook-shank to the axis of rotation (then remove it while tying). Remember, a FULL-ROTARY VISE converts to a fixed-position vise anywhere you stop in a 360 degree circle. You will never tye in a position a common vise makes you tye in again. After you tye FULL-ROTARY, you can never go back!! SPECIFY: (1)Pedestal-Base or (2)C-Clamp version.


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