Easy Shrimp Eyes
Easy Shrimp Eyes

Easy Shrimp Eyes

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Black $6.95
Trasnsparent Brown $6.95
Transparent Red $6.95
Transparent Clear $6.95
FL Orange $6.95
FL Yellow $6.95
FL Green $6.95
FL White $6.95
Glow in the dark $6.95
Mahogany Brown $6.95
Fl Kryptonite Green $6.95
Azur Blue $6.95


EASY SHRIMP EYES - The name says it all! Simply the easiest, fastest, best way ever to add eyes to your shrimp patterns for saltwater and steelhead. These SUPER REALISTIC SHRIMP EYES are connected to a convenient 'tab' that you simply tye on to the hook shank. The eyes and 'tab' are all one piece. The 'tab' has ridges that the thread bites into that hold the eyes firmly in place. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Transparent-Brown, (3)Transparent-Red, (4)Transparent-Clear, (5)Fl-Orange, (6)Fl-Yellow, (7)Fl-Green, (8)Fl-White, (9)Glow-In-The-Dark 10-pak

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