echo ECHO Micro Practice Rod
echo ECHO Micro Practice Rod

ECHO Micro Practice Rod

Item #: HS500

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ECHO MICRO PRACTICE ROD - Rajeff Sports has really got the right idea with the Echo Micro Practice Rod. One of the greatest challenges of learning to fly cast is the issue of finding the space! Learning to form a proper cast usually requires significant space above, behind and in front of you. Additionally, learning to single-hand spey cast or roll cast is downright difficult without water. The Echo Micro Practice Rod was designed to minimize the need for space without sacrificing rod action. This miniature rod comes with everything you need to practice casting - the 2-piece, 4' rod, highly-visible line, yarn leader and even a small pamphlet on basic casts. The rod is perfectly balanced with the line and leader to force you to exaggerate the proper motions required to form a good cast. When used on a carpeted surface, you can practice roll casts and single-hand overhead casts. Micro Practice Rod acts and feels just like a standard fly rod, so transitioning from the practice rod to a real rod is simple. All this can be done from the comfort of your couch! Add the optional 2-HANDED CONVERSION KIT to learn spey casting, or the optional DOUBLE-HAUL ADAPTER to improve your single hand casting range.

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