feather-craft Econo Vise Extender
feather-craft Econo Vise Extender

Econo Vise Extender

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ECONO VISE EXTENDER - Holds your vise OUT OVER YOUR LAP. The most comfortable way to tye. I'm tying an F-C Sand Shrimp Sr. A waste basket is between my legs. I slip my vise in the VISE-EXTENDER, with my McKenzie BRIGHT-LIGHT on the shaft. I'm sitting up straight, in the most comfortable tying position. So easy on your back. When finished tying, swing it back over the bench. 2-1/4" wide. C-Clamp fits most benches & tables. Fits all vise shafts.


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Econo Vise Extender

5 feather-craft Econo Vise Extender

Reviewer: from Waco, Texas

If you want a great little unit that can either raise or lower your vise to make for easier tying, the Econo Vise Extender is what you are looking for. I have two that I use all of the time and another for back-up, although these are made so well you probably will never need back-ups. The name Econo is a misnomer because these little dudes are quality all the way. I also don’t use mine as shown. The unit pictured is turned upside down to the way I use mine. I like having my vise lowered into my lap, having the extended arm turned over and extending downward does that. Buy one or two, relax and enjoy! Ray

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Works great, just not for Danvice

4 feather-craft Econo Vise Extender

Reviewer: from Herndon, VA

Works great and as advertised, and accommodates most standard vices. Overall great product though has vastly improved the ergonomics of my other vices. Was a little upset that my Danvice wouldn't fit, but I'll get over it some day. Damn metric system.

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