feather-craft Ed's Marabou Fluffs
feather-craft Ed's Marabou Fluffs

Ed's Marabou Fluffs

Item #: TK101

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ED'S BULK-PAK MARABOU "FLUFFS" - In Buz Busek's 1959 catalog, Buz wrote of fishing the Firehole River, and releasing more than 35 trout one afternoon. He caught all those trout on a WHITE MARABOU STREAMER, tyed with a white "fluff"; Tye in the red thread behind the hook-eye. Smooth one white "fluff" between your fingers. Tye it in at the waiting thread. Allow the "fluff" to extend past the hook bend. A DAI-RIKI 070 or 075 hook is nice, as is a 180th jig hook. Fish it like a streamer. I like it black over yellow too(Ed). COLORS (1)White, (2)Black, (3)Yellow, (4a)Hot Fire Orange, (5)Olive, (6)Chartreuse. Bulk PAK


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