Extra Select Craft Fur
Extra Select Craft Fur

Extra Select Craft Fur

Item #: TU075

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$4.50 $ 4.50
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Black $4.50
Bright Green $4.50
Bright Orange $4.50
Bright Red $4.50
Cerise $4.50
Chartreuse $4.50
Cream $4.50
Dark Brown $4.50
Dark Olive $4.50
Fire Orange $4.50
Fiery Hot Red $4.50
Golden Olive $4.50
Golden Yellow $4.50
Gray Olive $4.50
Green $4.50
Hot Pink $4.50
King Blue $4.50
Medium Brown $4.50
Medium Dun Gray $4.50
Medium Olive $4.50
Navy Blue $4.50
Orangutan Rust $4.50
Purple $4.50
Red $4.50
Salmon Pink $4.50
Sand $4.50
Tan $4.50
White $4.50
Yellow $4.50
Fl Blue $4.50
Fl Orange $4.50
Fl Yellow $4.50
Burnt-Orange $4.50
Camel-Tan $4.50
Shrimp-Pink $4.50
Cinnamon $4.50


EXTRA-SELECT CRAFT FUR - The LONGEST, MOST DENSE CRAFT FUR that we have ever seen. Use it for a large variety of fresh and saltwater streamers and bonefish patterns. Great substitution for bucktail on Clouser Minnows. Beautiful, vibrant colors can be blended to match most any baitfish. COLORS: (1)Blacvk, (2)Bright-Green, (3)Bright-Orange, (4)Bright-Red, (5)Cerise, (6)Chartreuse, (7)Cream, (8)Dk-Brown, (9)Dk-Olive, (10)Fire-Orange, (11)Fiery-Hot-Red, (12)Golden-Olive, (13)Golden-Yellow, (14)Gray-Olive, (15)Green, (16)Hot-Pink, (17)King-Blue, (18)Med-Brown, (19)Med-Dun-Gray, (20)Med-Olive, (21)Navy-Blue, (22)Orangutan-Rust, (23)Purple, (24)Red, (25)Salmon-Pink, (26)Sand, (27)Tan, (28)White, (29)Yellow, (30)Fl-Blue, (31)Fl-Orange, (32)Fl-Yellow, (33)Burnt-Orange, (34)Camel-Tan, (35)Shrimp-Pink


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Almost good enough

2 Extra Select Craft Fur

Reviewer: from Houston, Tx

A popular fly for us Texans fishing is saltwater for redfish is the "redfish crack." One of the key materials is the craft fur. This craft fur has so much waste at the base, that half of the material goes into the trash can. What is left is only, and just barely, long enough to tie onto a size 4 hook.

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