Faux Fox
Faux Fox

Faux Fox

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"FAUX FOX" SELF TAPERING FIBERS - A new synthetic fiber that's even finer than arctic fox with NO under fur. Tye multicolor minnow and baitfish faster and easier than ever. Durable yet SUPER SOFT with TONS OF MOVEMENT IN THE WATER just like the real thing. Comes in a very generous hank about 11" long. Open bag from the bottom and let the hank slide out about an inch. Grasp and squeeze the packaged hank firmly in one hand; with the other hand "pinch/grab" the desired amount of Faux Fox. PULL HARD and it will release from the main hank leaving you with a beautifully tapered, ready to tye-in streamer wing. See the video at feather-craft.com. COLORS: (1)White, (2)Tan, (3)Gold, (4)Gray, (5)Yellow, (6)Olive, (7)Insect-Green, (8)Royal-Blue, (9)Red, (10)Purple, (11)Brown, (12)Rust, (13)Black, (14)Sky-Blue, (15)Hot (Fl) Orange, (16)Fl-Hot-Pink, (17)Fl-Green, (18)Fl-Chartreuse

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