Faux Tails
Faux Tails

Faux Tails

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"FAUX TAIL STREAMER BRUSHES" - Faux Fox fibers and a small amount of sparkling Angel Fibers spun onto two strands of .050 stainless wire. Incorporate into a number of patterns. Super undulating fiber sinks quickly, but sheds water in a few false casts. The "tail" can be wound or palmered for full body flies, and a small 3" strip makes an unbelievable swimming tail. See the video at feather-craft.com. Two 18" tails/brushes per pak. COLORS: (1)White, (2)Tan, (3)Gold, (4)Gray, (5)Yellow, (6)Olive, (7)Insect-Green, (8)Royal-Blue, (9)Red, (10)Purple, (11)Brown, (12)Rust, (13)Black, (14)Sky-Blue, (15)Hot-Orange, (16)Fl-Hot-Pink, (17)Fl-Green, (18)Fl-Chartreuse

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