feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Big Game Leader
feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Big Game Leader


Item #: GD004

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FAMOUS F-C BIG-GAME FLUOROCARBON LEADER "BUTT-SECTION" for line/rod-sizes 7-wt thru 10-wt. Loved by big-game salt and freshwater fly fishers the world over. HERE'S WHY: Loop it to the loop on your fly line and leave it there all year long. It's 6-feet long. Add two to three feet of tippet, or shock-tippet, or wire-shock for inshore, offshore, flats, bass, pike, anything. Tye on a fly and you're set. IT'S MADE USING TUFF FLUOROCARBON: It absorbs light rather than reflecting it. Tapered in 2 sections for a total 6-feet long. Loop top-end (longest-end) to fly line loop. Add 2-4/36-inch tippet of 8 to 20-lb test. IT'S THE BEST, or I would not put our name on it.


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