feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Candy Dub
feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Candy Dub


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F-C EXCLUSIVE: CANDY DUB - Medium Ginger/Brown/Red/Tan Multi-Color F-C CANDY-DUB was one of the most popular dubbing-materials that we have ever offered. So was the Multi-Color Grey. The first time that I saw the material many years ago, I bought it all. We offered it in a number of our catalogs, and it quickly became a favorite dubbing material. Then we thought we sold it all. It can never be replaced, as it was made for doll's hair. Today, Jane & Kally find two cases of it under one of the long processing tables in the warehouse. It's a blend of amber, red and Lt-brown. AND ALSO in MEDIUM MULTI-COLOR GREY as mentioned above. Its super-soft, it's beautiful. It comes in a hank. Simply pull a sparse hank from the mother-hank, and pinch dub it onto the thread. Or, chop it into small pieces with a scissors, and pinch dub it onto the thread for the body on a nymph, soft hackle or emerger pattern. You can also blend a sparkle-material with Candy Dub.What till you see this most beautiful dubbing-material. If anyone can remember the nymph patterns tied with this material in our catalogs of ten or more years ago, please call me. They were hot! Wait till you see this material. TWO COLORS: F-C CANDY-DUB MEDIUM MULTI-COLOR BROWN. AND MEDIUM MULTI-COLOR GREY (you are going to love this stuff!)


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