feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Crackleback Kit
feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Crackleback Kit

FEATHER-CRAFT Crackleback Kit

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F-C CRACKLEBACK KIT Developed by Ed Story in the mid 1950's, the Crackleback and the method(s) to fish it were an instant success. Now fished worldwide. Many will use nothing else! TO FISH: Dress the hackles with floatant and fish dead-drift as a floating terrestrial in the surface film. If no hit near the end of the drift, jerk the fly beneath the surface and skip it across-stream with the rod tip, or strip it back to you with the line-control hand as a moving sub-surface emerger. TO FISH DEEP: Use a full sinking line (or sinking leader system) with a split-shot on the tippet 15" above the fly. Skip or strip the fly just off stream or lake bottom. EXPECT NEAR INSTANT SUCCESS. This kit includes a dozen assorted size and color F-C Cracklebacks in a Myran Fly Box, a sinking leader, and Ed Story's original pattern sheet with complete instructions on how to tye and fish this incredibly productive fly.


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