feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Dyed Turkey Rounds
feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Dyed Turkey Rounds

FEATHER-CRAFT Dyed Turkey Rounds

Item #: TP001

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Pale Morning Dun $2.95
Pale Yellow $2.95
Brown Spider $2.95
Sulphur Orange $2.95
Lime $2.95
Dark Tan $2.95
Orange $2.95
Chocolate Brown $2.95
Light Tan $2.95


F-C DYED TURKEY 'ROUNDS'- Ed started wrapping dry fly bodies with TURKEY ROUNDS over 25-years ago. The tuff "feather-fibers" are perfect for sizes-12 thru 24 fly bodies. Use 6/7-fibers for the body on Ed's F-C "Crackleback" in size-12. For a size-24 F-C Grey-Whispy, one or two fibers. Tye the fibers in by their tip-top end(s), all at the same time at end of hook-shank. Wrap thread forward. Hold the butt-ends of the fibers with fingers, and wrap forward, building the fly body. WE ONLY TYE WITH A TRUE-ROTARY VISE - the vise wraps them for me. Perfect fly-body every time. Mix light and dark fibers for a "variegated" fly body. You'll like this. COLORS: (1)Pale-Morning-Dun, (2)Pale-Yellow, (3)Brown-Spider, (4)Sulpher-Orange, (5)Lime, (6)Fl-Chartreuse, (7)Baetis, (8)Dk-Tan, (9)Yellow, (10)Orange, (11)Chocolate-Brown, (12)Mottled-Olive, (13)Lt-Tan (2-pak)


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