feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Fan-Wing Pattern Sheet
feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Fan-Wing Pattern Sheet

FEATHER-CRAFT Fan-Wing Pattern Sheet

Item #: EW245

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F-C FAN-WING PATTERN SHEET - Elsewhere here, we offer mallard drake Belly-Feathers(our item EW210) to be used as fan-wings on a number of dry fly patterns. I simply forgot to offer the ILLUSTRATED PATTERN-SHEET showing you how to tie the feathers in to be used as fan wings. And first, I had to get permission, because it's not one of my pattern sheets. And didja know that all the proceeds from pattern sheets in these pages goes to Hooked On A Cure, as seen on the cover of many of our catalogs. I'm a survivor, I want the kids and you to be a survivor, if ever need be, through research. UNCENSORED THOUGHT: Don't wait for Washington to get it done. Anyway, the pattern-sheet $1.50


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