feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Golden Pheasant 1/2 Skins
feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Golden Pheasant 1/2 Skins

FEATHER-CRAFT Golden Pheasant 1/2 Skins

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F-C GOLDEN PHEASANT SKINS: No heads or tails, wings are included.The peacock iridescent flats down back of the neck are used for cheeks on streamers. To use them, peel the feather-fibers back, till you have the size cheek you need. Tie them in on the sides of the streamer as cheeks. Now paste a Decal-Eye on, and look at that! Another thing, the edges of these flats have a pronounced black bar. Use a few fibers for the tail on any gray nymph you might be tying, and look at that. Or tie a few fibers in for a beard. Look at that. You must carefully search through these feathers, to see how beautiful they are. LOOK AT the brown dun-color marabou at the bottom of the skin, for a marabou streamer, with a gold-tinsel body. Those natural colored red & yellow feathers also make beautiful tailing material. Only mother nature can dye them like this. The skins are cleaner than the plate you eat off of, when you eat out.


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