feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Real Seal
feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Real Seal


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$1.50 $ 1.50
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Kingfisher Blue $1.50
Tups Pink $1.50
Dun Grey $1.50
Dark Claret $1.50
Fl Pink $1.50
Fl Red $1.50
Fl Yellow $1.50
Fl Chartreuse $1.50
Dark Blue $1.50
Magenta $1.50
Highlander Green $1.50
Yellow $1.50
Fiery Brown $1.50
Red $1.50
Black $1.50
Ginger $1.50
Olive $1.50
Light Olive $1.50
Hot Orange $1.50
Cream $1.50


F-C REAL SEAL - A blend of my genuine harp, harbor seal and a bit of arctic ram for binder. Use Real-Seal for the fly body, thorax, or collars and note that I still have TUPS-PINK. All a favorite for salmon/steelhead fly tyers, including full-dress. Makes a beautiful "Leech" pattern using a dubbing-loop tool (pictured). COLORS: (1)Kingfisher-Blue, (2)Highlander-Green, (3)Fiery-Brown, (4)Red, (5)Black, (6)Ginger, (7)Olive, (8)Lt-Olive, (9)Hot-Orange, (10)Tups-Pink(gorgeous), (11)Dun-Grey, (12)Dk-Claret, (13)Fl-Pink, (14)Fl-Red, (15)Fl-Yellow, (16)Fl-Chartreuse, (18)Dk-Blue, (19)Magenta, (20)Yellow, (21)Cream $1.50/PAK OR Any 5-PAKS $6 NOTE: 5-PAK Discount will show as a PROMO DISCOUNT at checkout


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