feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Small Dog Leader
feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Small Dog Leader

FEATHER-CRAFT Small Dog Leader

Item #: GD104

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F-C "SMALL DOG" LEADERS - Knotless CoPoly-Mono Tapered-Leader "BUTT-SECTIONS" FOR 0-3 WEIGHT TROUT RODS. Match beautifully with today's ultra-light fly rods. The butt (top) is a custom med-fast taper for easy turn-over of 5x to 8x tippets. Length is 5-feet, with LOOPS IN BOTH ENDS (unless requested without loops). The copolymer-nylon material is "tempered" for long-lasting durability. Tippet saving stretch built-in. Just add 2-3 feet of your favorite tippet material. (SPECIFY WITH OR WITHOUT LOOPS)


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