flymen fishing company Fish Skull Baitfish Heads
flymen fishing company Fish Skull Baitfish Heads

Fish Skull Baitfish Heads

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FISH SKULL BAITFISH HEADS mimic the head, eyes and gill plates of a baitfish, producing a more realistic looking profile. The head typically "pushes more water" than traditional flies and adds weight to your streamer pattern. 100% lead free. Unique design produces a "keeling" effect similar to a dumbbell. You choose either the hook down or the hook up position. Realistic 3D Eyes (included) fit to the built-in eye sockets. Top and Bottom Slots allow vertical freedom of movement for the tying materials. Simply tye in all materials first, superglue thread wraps and fit FISH SKULL from front, finish off by tying a small thread-dam between the skull and the hook eye. (Instructions are included). Made in USA. SIZES: (SMALL fit hook sizes: 8 thru 4, 10-Skulls per pak), (SMALL/MEDIUM fit hook sizes: 4-1, 8-PAK), (MEDIUM fit hook sizes: 2-1/0, 8-PAK), (LARGE fit hook sizes: 2/0-4/0, 6-PAK). COLORS: (1)Silver-Baitfish, (2)Blue-Baitfish, (3)Tan-Baitfish, (4)Golden-Chartreuse, (5)Dk-Grey, (6)Coppertone

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