flymen fishing company FISH SKULL Fish Mask
flymen fishing company FISH SKULL Fish Mask


Item #: TL150

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FISH SKULL "FISH MASK" If you have ever used Fish Skulls, you know they're a great way to add weight and a polished look to any streamer pattern. What about flies that don't require the weight? Enter the Fish Mask. This ultra-light Fish Skull is the perfect way to put the finishing touches on any baitfish pattern, especially if finishing the "head" of the fly isn't your strong suit. This is essentially a pre-molded, epoxy head for streamers. It is clean, quick and simple and eliminates the hassle and mess associated with 5-minute epoxy and like products. The clear transparent Fish Mask features recessed eye sockets that are sizematched to the ultra realistic LIVING EYES (our item number TL146) for the perfect Mask/Eye combo every time. Use Clear Cure Goo Hydro or Zap-A-Gap super glue to seal the eyes deep inside the mask. See table for sizing and pricing:

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