fishpond FISHPOND Blizzard Soft Cooler
fishpond FISHPOND Blizzard Soft Cooler

FISHPOND Blizzard Soft Cooler

Item #: WF003

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FISHPOND "BLIZZARD" SOFT COOLER provides quick access to up to 24 cans of your favorite beverage. This is the perfect road-trip travel cooler. An easy-open Velcro access pocket on the lid lets you open, and reach in the cooler with one hand. Five exterior pockets house snack chips, power bars, peanut butter crackers and more. The molded bottom provides a stable base, the heavy-duty PVC lining and multi-layered insulation create efficient ice storage. Oversized industrial zippers. Padded shoulder-strap and web "haul" handles. DIMENSIONS: 11.5" x 9" x 10".


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