fishpond FISHPOND Cerveza Sidekick
fishpond FISHPOND Cerveza Sidekick

FISHPOND Cerveza Sidekick

Item #: MF075

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FISHPOND CERVAZA SIDEKICK - Just as the name implies, this Sidekick is a constant companion for your favorite beverage, with the added functionality for the essential tools, fly boxes and other gear you need close at hand. Carry as a chest pack with padded neck and waist-straps, or TPU coated webbing lash straps with Velcro to wrap around aluminum raft frames or casting braces. TPU snap tabs also allow for attachment to plastic coolers. Low profile design, zippered main compartment, Hypalon tabs, D-rings and cord loops for gear attachment, and belt loop attachment. 9.5" x 6" x 5".

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