fishpond FISHPOND Road Trip Fly Tying Bag
fishpond FISHPOND Road Trip Fly Tying Bag

FISHPOND Road Trip Fly Tying Bag

Item #: WF021

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FISHPOND ROAD TRIP FLY TYING KIT BAG - Compact in size, thoughtfully designed. Bring all of the essentials to match every hatch that Mother Nature throws at you. Integrated vise storage pocket with two zippered compartments, 22 small storage pockets, four large see-thru zippered mesh material pockets, two 9" thread tubes, one 4.5" x 9" x 1" plastic box to organize hooks, beads, etc., Nine 4" x 6" resealable clear poly bags, and nine 3" x 4.5" resealable clear poly bags with Velcro binding attachments. Much of the bag is Velcro-lined for customization, and for adding additional accessory pouches. Durable Diamondtech fabric. 12" x 4" x 9.5". Color is Sand


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