fishpond FISHPOND Sushi Rolls
fishpond FISHPOND Sushi Rolls

FISHPOND Sushi Rolls

Item #: HG255

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$24.95 - $39.95 24.95 39.95
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Small (10.5" x 7.25") $24.95
Large (10" x 16") $29.95
X-Large (15" x 16") $39.95


FISHPOND SUSHI ROLL - A new safe haven for your large fresh or saltwater streamers where they can call home without being crushed, smashed, flattened or put to bed wet without having a chance to dry. When unrolled, it lays flat as a working platform and has foam interior layers for securing flies. When rolled, the green foam spacers between the layers prevents flies from being crushed and gives them the necessary space to breath. Ultra-tough exterior fabric with Velcro closure. SIZES: SMALL(10.5" x 7.25") $24.95, LARGE(10" x 16") $29.95, X-LARGE(15" x 16") $39.95

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