Flashabou Mirage
Flashabou Mirage

Flashabou Mirage

Item #: TU034

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$5.75 $ 5.75
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Orange $5.75
Light Blue $5.75
Purple $5.75
Pink $5.75
Opal $5.75
Fl Yellow $5.75
Fl Chartreuse $5.75


FLASHABOU "MIRAGE" combines Flashabou's reflective qualities with new "color-shifting" technology to create an iridescent, chameleon effect in a single fiber. A first of its kind fly tying material. COLORS: (1)Orange, (2)Lt-Blue, (3)Purple, (4)Pink, (5)Opal, (6)Fl-Yellow, (7)Fl-Chartreuse


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