Fly Fisher's Guide To Connecticut
Fly Fisher's Guide To Connecticut

Fly Fisher's Guide To Connecticut

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FLY FISHER'S GUIDE TO CONNECTICUT - Connecticut hosts some of the finest and least-known flyfishing opportunities in the eastern U.S. From the legendary Housatonic River and its tributaries, to the Wild and Scenic Farmington River, to the Naugatuck, Hammonasset, Salmon, Shetucket, Willimantic and beyond, Ron Merly's years of experience will get you to new holes, hatches and fish. Merly also covers Connecticut's lakes and ponds, and the vast fishing opportunities that arise with stillwaters. All told, over 350 rivers, brooks, lakes and ponds are covered in this guide.

Detailed maps show every oxbow, cove, campground, boat launch, and access point. Also included is hub city information, including accommodations, restaurants, fly shops and everything else you'll need to plan your trip.Beyond the fishing, Merly covers the pressing issues facing Connecticut's fisheries, including invasive species and funding issues facing Connecticut trout stocking. This is the only flyfishing-specific guide on the market for Connecticut. Novices and experts alike will find new tricks and fishing spots with this exhaustive guide.


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