Fly Fisher's Guide To Nevada
Fly Fisher's Guide To Nevada

Fly Fisher's Guide To Nevada

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"FLY FISHER'S GUIDE TO NEVADA" - Jan Nemec gives all of Nevada's creeks, reservoirs, natural lakes, and full-fledged rivers the complete treatment in the Flyfisher's Guide to Nevada. It is the definitive guide for both the famous and underrated flyfishing opportunities in Nevada. The Truckee River is covered from head to toe like never before, including detailed information on hatches, sections and fish species. Every fishery that holds the legendary Lahontan cutthroat is covered thoroughly, and all the waters, from endless reservoirs to tiny creeks that hold rainbows, browns, brookies, tiger trout, cutbows, bass, walleye and every other species, get the full treatment, including hatch charts, recommended flies, access, seasons, tackle, tactics, etc. Detailed maps show every oxbow, cove, campground, boat launch, and access point. Also included is hub city information, including accommodations, restaurants, fly shops and everything else you'll need to plan your trip. The Flyfisherâ's Guide to Nevada is THE book to read when planning a trip to the Silver State's most productive fisheries. Softcover 6 x 9 inches, 384 pages, 39 maps, 50+ B & W photos.


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