Fly Fisher's Guide To The New England Coast
Fly Fisher's Guide To The New England Coast

Fly Fisher's Guide To The New England Coast

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"FLYFISHERS GUIDE TO THE NEW ENGLAND COAST" - The Flyfisher's Guide to the New England Coast: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine is the most comprehensive guide ever written on the innumerable fishing opportunities in this beautiful area of the country. Nationally known writer and angler Tom Keer guides the reader along the entire coastline, including all bays, coves, jetties, tributaries, peninsulas, and islands. Every nook and cranny is covered. Keer covers the seasons, fish species, light tackle, flies, boats, tactics, forage fish, and includes a smattering of the history. Few know the ins and outs of this water better, and even fewer can put it on paper as eloquently as Keer. Dozens of maps detail every access point, boat launch, water feature and depth, giving rookie and veteran anglers alike all the information required to have the times of their lives hammering the big fish available in these waters. From stripers to sharks and everything in between, this is the must-read guide for fishing the coast, from Rhode Island to Main. 368-pgs


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