Fly Fishing for Bonefish
Fly Fishing for Bonefish

Fly Fishing for Bonefish

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REVISED: "FLY FISHING FOR BONEFISH" updates scores of new developments, with over 100-pages re-written: Recent bonefish research, New feeding behavior data, Prey preferences discovered, Newly created fly patterns, Recent destination changes, New advice for stripping, hooking up, & playing fish, Dealing with wind, Better fish spotting techniques, New equipment available, and much more. Dick covers today's most difficult flats challenges with advice on how to sight fish with cloud cover, cast in wind, know when to strike, see fish better, and wade more effectively. The equipment section is all new and the fly pattern sections were expanded to include today's hottest flats flies. The book features color photographs throughout. THE BEST! Hardbound, 348-pages.


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