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Fly Patterns

Fly Patterns

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"FLY PATTERNS" by Randall & Mary Kaufmann. Tie Thousands of Flies; Dry, Nymph, Emerger, Streamer, Steelhead, Warmwater, and Saltwater. An amazing treasure trove of 3,600 contemporary and classic flies from over 300 of the world's most respected fly innovators and producers. Dressings are authentic and each fly is pictured in perfect color detail next to the pattern. A materials-hook chapter explains and pictures 90 commonly used materials, and a hook chart compares all major hook manufactures. All material references, pattern listings, tying sequence, organization, format, indexing, and abbreviations have been standardized for ease of understanding, tying, and reference. An exhaustive 40-page index with 10,000 entries makes it easy to find any fly. At nearly 5 pounds with 480 pages and 3,600 patterns, this is truly the contemporary encyclopedia of flies.


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