Folstaf FOLSTAF 3/4" Wading Staff
Folstaf FOLSTAF 3/4

FOLSTAF 3/4" Wading Staff

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FOLSTAF 3/4" WADING STAFF - Most over-looked item in fly fishing. I would never fish the Roaring Fork in Colorado or the Gallatin in Montana without a wading staff. Fast water, slippery rocks. PLUS, you can get into a much better fishing-position using a wading staff (regardless of the stream). The FOLSTAF rides out of the way on your wading-belt in its own holster. When needed, all you do is Quick-Draw the staff. It instantly unfolds to save our neck, or allow us to safely wade to the best fishing position on the stream. Sometimes when we need one, we need it bad. Cork grip and lanyard, carbide-tip and holster. Owning one of these things is the right thing to do. FOLSTAF is 50-inches long, 3/4-inch diameter. Carry holster included. Double shock-cord makes automatic "unfold" happen twice as fast when drawn from the holster! Carry holster included. Made in USA


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