Galvan GALVAN Torque Fly Reels
Galvan GALVAN Torque Fly Reels

GALVAN Torque Fly Reels

Item #: GA101

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$185.00 - $590.00 185.00 590.00


Galvan "Torque" Large Arbor Fly Reels Machined from T6061 aircraft aluminum with 100% salt-safe components. Drag system is stainless-steel and a state-of-the-art, heat and wear-resistant thermoplastic unlike anything else on the market (SUPER SMOOTH DRAG with PLENTY OF POWER). The ventilated drag-knob is solidly detented for precise settings. Quiet in/out click and easy left/right conversion. SPECIFY: Blue, Black, Green, Burnt-Orange or Clear. Lifetime Warranty - Made In USA.


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