Grip-Pro Trainer
Grip-Pro Trainer

Grip-Pro Trainer

Item #: HS105

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Green 30lb $10.95
Black 40lb $10.95
Red 50lb $10.95
Set Of Three $29.95


GRIP-PRO TRAINER - Sore casting arms can be prevented (or cured). Tennis elbow is no laughing matter. This GRIP-PRO TRAINER is the evolution of the old "round" and "egg-shaped" hand exercisers. This new ring design strengthens fingers, hands and forearms faster and more completely than ever. Fact is, in 3-days you can have a stronger grip. In 7-days you can crush a rod-grip (if you wanted to). You won't believe how fast it works. Endorsed by surgeons, therapists and trainers. Use it at the office, while walking or while driving for near instant forearm and hand-grip strength. If you're fishing a 7-wt or larger rod, it's a must. THREE LEVELS OF RESISTANCE: (Green 30-lb), (Black 40-lb), (Red 50-lb)


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