Grizzly Hair
Grizzly Hair

Grizzly Hair

Item #: TU078

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$5.95 $ 5.95
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Caribbean Blue $5.95
Citron Yellow $5.95
Coco Brown $5.95
Crimson Red $5.95
Lime Green $5.95
Tangerine Orange $5.95
Pearly White $5.95
Purple $5.95
Solid Black $5.95
Magenta/Fuchsia $5.95


GRIZZLY HAIR is approximately 16-inches in length with “black barring” every 3/16 inches. This synthetic hair is a no brainer to top any streamer fly, or to add a lateral line to any baitfish pattern. Don’t forget intruder style steelhead flies, great for bonefish, tarpon and prawn patterns. GRIZZLY HAIR is more durable and less expensive than natural grizzly saddle. The hair is very fine. Use a small pinch of it on tiny minnow imitations for trout, or larger portions for big trout/salmon/steelhead/saltwater baitfish etc. COLORS: (1)Caribbean-Blue, (2)Citron-Yellow, (3)Coco-Brown, (4)Crimson-Red, (5)Lime-Green, (6)Tangerine-Orange, (7)Pearly-White, (8)Purple, (9)Solid-Black (large pak)


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