Grizzly Micro Legs
Grizzly Micro Legs

Grizzly Micro Legs

Item #: TB094

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$3.75 $ 3.75
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Fl Chartreuse $3.75
Fl Orange $3.75
Olive $3.75
Rootbeer $3.75
Smoke $3.75
White $3.75
Caddis Green $3.75
Clear $3.75
Bone Tan $3.75


GRIZZLY MICRO LEGS - Super thin (less than 1mm wide) silicone legs that will really spice up your nymph patterns, all the way down to size18! Use as legs, beards tails or antenna's. Base color has distinct black bars giving the illusion of movement, even when they're sitting still. COLORS: (1)Fl-Chartreuse, (2)Fl-Orange, (3)Olive, (4)Rootbeer, (5)Smoke, (6)White, (7)Caddis-Green, (8)Clear, (9)Bone-Tan NOTE: CATALOG MISPRINT - BONE-TAN IS NOT AVAILABLE


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