Gyro Exerciser
Gyro Exerciser

Gyro Exerciser

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GYRO EXERCISER is a must own for big game fly fishers, and anyone who suffers from tennis elbow. Vastly strengthens your forearms and wrists. Used by pro golfers, musicians, tennis and baseball players, and now, fly fishers. Endorsed by me (Bob), famous casting instructor Doug Swisher, and everyone else who has tried this gizmo. Hold the GYRO EXERCISER in the palm of your hand and begin to rotate your wrist making small circles. The High Performance Rotor begins spinning (up to 10,000 rpms), and exercising every part of your lower arm with up to 38-lbs of torque (instructions incl). IT'S AMAZING! Use it for a couple of weeks and develop a more powerful, controlled cast.


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