Hackle Flash
Hackle Flash

Hackle Flash

Item #: TD040

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Green $3.50
Black $3.50
Gold $3.50
Olive $3.50
Chartreuse $3.50
Orange $3.50
Fl Cerise $3.50
Purple $3.50
Blue $3.50
Rootbeer $3.50
Silver $3.50


HACKLE FLASH - This is the sparkly synthetic hackle wrapped on the DC DODGER tail section as the skirt. Mylar yarn that has individual strands of dyed Mylar mixed with pearlescent strands (1 1/4" wide) and attached to the core at a 90-degree angle making it as easy to use as winding on hackle. Great for skirts, streamer collars, "Mylar Speys", Woolly Buggers... the applications are endless. COLORS: (1)Green, (2)Olive, (3)Chartreuse, (4)Orange, (5)Fl-Cerise, (6)Purple, (7)Blue, (8)Rootbeer, (9)Silver, (10)Black, (11)Gold. 2-yd pak


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