HARELINE Ice Dubbing
HARELINE Ice Dubbing

HARELINE Ice Dubbing

Item #: TM028

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$2.95 $ 2.95
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Caddis Green $2.95
Rusty Brown $2.95
Hot Yellow $2.95
Chocolate Brown $2.95
Fl Shell Pink $2.95
Silver Grey $2.95
Gold $2.95
Silver $2.95
Copper $2.95
Emerald Green $2.95
Red $2.95
Chartreuse $2.95
Steelie Blue $2.95
Claret $2.95
UV Black $2.95
UV Brown $2.95
UV Cinnamon $2.95
UV Grey $2.95
UV Light Olive $2.95
UV Light Yellow $2.95
UV Pearl $2.95
UV Pink $2.95
Golden Brown $2.95
UV Purple $2.95
UV Red $2.95
UV Shrimp Pink $2.95
UV Tan $2.95
UV Dun $2.95
UV Fl Hot Pink $2.95
UV Lavender $2.95
UV Callibaetis $2.95
UV Dark Olive $2.95
UV Hot Orange $2.95
Olive $2.95
UV Light Grey $2.95
UV Rust $2.95
Holo Silver $2.95
UV Peacock Eye $2.95
Pheasant Tail $2.95
Fl Lime Green $2.95
Fl Yellow $2.95
Minnow Belly $2.95
Olive Brown $2.95
Orange $2.95
Peacock $2.95
Peacock Black $2.95
Pearl $2.95
Pearl Red Hue $2.95
King Blue $2.95
Midnight Fire $2.95
Mixed-Rainbow $2.95
Rainbow-Trout $2.95


"ICE" DUBBING - The most popular dubbing we have ever offered. Featured material in Shane Stalcups Caddis Emergers(See photos) and hundreds of other nymphs, wets, streamers, emergers and even dry flies. ICE DUBBING is almost indescribable... but here goes. If you took Flashabou Dubbing (or Lite-Bright, or Angel Hair), softened it considerably, and shredded each strand to ridiculously fine, that would give you some idea. The key here is soft! Soft!! Dubs as easy as natural fur. For thorax on nymphs and emergers - the neatest ever. Dry fly and Dry Woolly bodies (F-C Crackleback's), YES. Salmon, steelhead or Alaska patterns, WOW. If you've had trouble dealing with the other "coarse" flashy-type dubbings, you need to try this one. STANDARD COLORS: (1)Caddis-Green, (2)Chartreuse, (3)Golden-Brown, (4)Olive, (5)Olive-Brown, (6)Orange, (7)Peacock, (8)Peacock-Black, (9)Pearl, (10)Rusty-Brown, (11)Hot-Yellow, (12)Choc-Brown, (13)Fl-Shell-Pink, (14)Silver-Grey, (15)Gold, (16)Silver, (17)Copper, (18)Emerald-Green, (19)Red, (20)Blue-Steelie, (21)Claret, (44)Pheasant-Tail, (45)Lime-Green, (46)Fl-Yellow, ULTRA-VIOLET COLORS: (22)UV-Black, (23)UV-Brown, (24)UV-Cinnamon, (25)UV-Grey, (26)UV-Light Olive, (27)UV-Lt-Yellow, (28)UV-Pearl, (29)UV-Pink, (30)UV-Purple, (31)UV-Red, (32)UV Shrimp-Pink, (33)UV-Tan, (34)UV-Dun, (35)UV-Fl-Hot-Pink, (36)UV-Lavender, (37)UV-Callibaetis, (38)UV-Dk-Olive, (39)UV-Hot-Orange, (40)UV-Light-Gray, (41)UV-Rust, (42)Holo-Silver, (43)UV Peacock-Eye, (44) King-Blue, (45) Midnight-Fire, (46) Mixed-Rainbow, (47) Rainbow-Trout.


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