feather-craft Hen Mallard Belly Feathers
feather-craft Hen Mallard Belly Feathers

Hen Mallard Belly Feathers

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HEN MALLARD "BELLY-FEATHERS" - These of course are not black and white barred, like drake mallard belly feathers used for fan-wings. These hen mallard belly feathers are light-tan, to light brown to mottled, or with many of the feather-fibers peeled back, are marked with an eye for streamers. They can also be used for fan-wings like the drake mallard belly feathers. I peeled back the feather-fibers on one, and it forms a very nice eye for streamers. It would also make a nice eye-pad to paste on a Decal-Eye. It made a beautiful flat-wing for a flat-wing caddis, or used for sculpin fins. The mottled feather-fibers can be used for tails on nymph patterns. You'll find so many uses. A BIG bag $1.50


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