Henrys Fork Hackle
Henrys Fork Hackle

Henrys Fork Hackle

Item #: TM027

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$4.95 $ 4.95
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Black $4.95
Natural $4.95
Medium Dun $4.95
Brown $4.95
Dark Dun $4.95
Light Dun $4.95
Grizzly $4.95
Tan/Ginger $4.95
White $4.95
Yellow $4.95
Olive $4.95


HENRY'S FORK HACKLE - So easy to use. CDC feathers are twisted into a dubbing brush. Wrap it just like you would a feather-hackle. Tye CDC parachute patterns and emergers with the greatest of ease. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Brown, (3)Dk-Dun, (4)Lt-Dun, (5)Grizzly, (6)Tan/Ginger, (7)White, (8)Yellow, (9)Olive, (10)Natural, (11)Medium (Mottled)-Dun


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