High Rollers: Fly Fishing For Giant Tarpon
High Rollers: Fly Fishing For Giant Tarpon

High Rollers: Fly Fishing For Giant Tarpon

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"HIGH ROLLERS" FLY FISHING FOR GIANT TARPON - In High Rollers, artist and hardcore angler Bill Bishop tackles all aspects of tarpon fishing -- from building leaders to bringing fish in quickly. Each chapter explores the core aspects of tarpon fishing in detail, including step-by-step instructions for tying IGFA leaders; the nuances of finding, casting to, hooking, and fighting giant tarpon; and insights and tips for running the boat, seeing fish, and reading the fish's behavior. In addition to the technical aspects, Bishop's stories and humor take a look at the personal side of fishing, reminding us that despite the serious undertaking of battling a 150-pound tarpon, fishing is still supposed to be fun. With over 120 detailed pen-and-ink illustrations and stunning photos by photographer Mark Hatter, this book will help anyone who wants to hook, and land, more silver kings. Detailed illustrations and text provide insight into tying and rigging lines and leaders, boat-handling tips, approaching and feeding fish, setting the hook, fighting and landing fish quickly and safely, and much more. Hardbound, 7 1/4" x 9 1/8" format, 152-pages.


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