HMH HMH Spartan Rotary Vise
HMH HMH Spartan Rotary Vise

HMH Spartan Rotary Vise

Item #: HV100

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$299.95 $ 299.95
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C-Clamp $299.95
Pedestal Base $299.95


HMH SPARTAN ROTARY VISE - One of the best values in a precision-machined vise today. The adjustable head allows you to tilt it up at an angle to tye traditionally with full-rotary action, or rotate the head to the horizontal position to tye 360-degree TRUE-ROTARY style. Ultra-smooth with rotary tension adjustment. Brushed stainless-steel chassis. Double material spring clip. Quick change, hardened tool steel OMNI JAWS have fantastic hook holding power over a wide range (2/0 thru 20). Lifetime Guaranteed. Specify C-Clamp or Ped-Base. (Bobbin Rest sold separately)


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