Hot-Tipped Crazy Legs
Hot-Tipped Crazy Legs

Hot-Tipped Crazy Legs

Item #: TB054

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$2.95 $ 2.95
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Black/Yellow Chartreuse Tips $2.95
Black/Red Tips $2.95
Black/Purple Tips $2.95
Rootbeer/Orange Tips $2.95
Yellow Chartreuse/ Green Chartreuse Tips $2.95
Yellow Chartreuse/ Fl Orange Tips $2.95
Pearl/ Fl Orange Tips $2.95
Barred Sand/Orange Tips $2.95


HOT-TIPPED CRAZY LEGS are two-tone BRIGHT TIPPED silicone legs that look great on bass, salmon/steelhead and inshore saltwater patterns. COLORS: (1)Black/Yellow-Chartreuse-Tips, (2)Black/Red-Tips, (3)Black/Purple-Tips, (4)Rootbeer/Orange-Tips, (5)Yel-Chartreuse/Green-Chartreuse-Tips, (6)Yel-Chartreuse/Fl-Orange-Tips, (8)Pearl/Fl-Orange-Tips, 9-Sand/Orange-Tips


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