Ice Wing Fiber
Ice Wing Fiber

Ice Wing Fiber

Item #: TU068

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$3.25 $ 3.25
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Baitfish Mix $3.25
Green $3.25
Hot Orange $3.25
Lavender $3.25
Blue Smolt $3.25
Light Olive $3.25
Minnow Back $3.25
Olive $3.25
Peacock Green $3.25
Pearl Green Hue $3.25
Black $3.25
Red Hue $3.25
UV Hue $3.25
Pink Pearl $3.25
Polar Wind $3.25
Purple $3.25
Red $3.25
Silver $3.25
UV & Pearl Minnow Mix $3.25
Yellow Pearl $3.25
Blue Steelie $3.25
Fl. Chartreuse $3.25
Fl Hot Pink $3.25
Pink $3.25
Gold $3.25
Gray $3.25
UV Midnight $3.25
Peacock $3.25


ICE WING FIBER - What a great streamer material. The best selling Ice Dub in 8" long fibers perfect for streamers, nymphs, emergers and any patterns that you really want to add a little extra flash to. Just the right amount of thickness for support when tied in. (1)Baitfish Mix, (2)Black, (3)Blue Steelie, (5)Fl. Chartreuse, (6)Fl. Hot Pink, (7)Fl. Shell Pink, (8)Gold, (9)Gray, (10)Green, (11)Hot Orange, (12)Lavender, (13)Lt. Blue Smolt, (14)Light Olive, (15)Minnow Back, (16)Olive, (18)Peacock Green, (19)Pearl Green Hue, (20)Pearl Red Hue, (21)Pearl UV Hue, (22)Pink Pearl, (23)Polar Wind, (24)Purple, (25)Red, (26)Silver, (27)UV & Pearl Minnow Mix, (28)Yellow Pearl (29) UV Midnight (30) Peacock


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