Icelandic Sheep Hair
Icelandic Sheep Hair

Icelandic Sheep Hair

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ICELANDIC SHEEP HAIR - Soft, natural hair averages 5-7" in length with a very subtle curl and great "body". My #1 go-to material for creating large (Size 2/0 and up) streamer flies for pike, muskie, peacock bass, golden-dorado and more. The fly pictured is for "payara", a huge, powerful fish that looks like a direct descendent of a dinosaur. If you'd like your photo with one go to to sign up! You'll love how easy it is to tye big flies with this Sheep Hair. COLORS: (1)White, (2)Yellow, (3)Fl-Orange, (4)Silver-Gray, (5)Red, (6)Lt-Olive, (7)Purple, (8)Fl-Pink, (9)Black, (10)Saltwater-Blue, (11)Fl-Yellow, (12)Fl-Chartreuse (BIG-PAK)


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