abel ABEL Vaya Fly Reel
abel ABEL Vaya Fly Reel

ABEL Vaya Fly Reel

Item #: AB112

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$297.50 - $1,195.00 297.50 1195.00


ABEL VAYA LARGE-ARBOR FLY REEL – VAYA: Spanish for ‘Go!’, as in go outside, go explore, go fishing! Crafted by avid Colorado anglers, the partially-ported VAYA frame offers the unique combination of minimized weight and incredible rigidity. The frame interior also features varying sets of CNC-milled fly patterns, relevant to each size of reel. The large-arbor spool features a precision-balanced, dual-pawl drag engagement design that eliminates the need for a counterweight. The spool’s mechanical incoming click compliments the audible, smooth feel of the outgoing drag. The 5-disc carbon/stainless drag system produces substantial resistance, while providing a wide range of adjustability for delicate tippet. Quick-change spool design with proven O-ring release. User convertible retrieval system. Lifetime warranty. Made in USA.

AVAILABLE FINISHES: Gloss Black, Native Brown Trout, Native Brook Trout, Native Cutthroat Trout.

Every Abel Fish Graphic Artistic Finish is a one-of-a-kind design, anodized individually by hand in their Camarillo, CA workshop using their proprietary artistic metallurgical process. The Native Fish Graphics offered here take a minimum of 7-hours for a single technician to complete. The hand painting and artistic anodizing process results in a truly iconic product. Abel Vaya Reels are also offered in a high gloss black finish at substantially less cost.


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